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ኢ-ክፍያ ስርዓት

For the newest online tools, the highest levels of security, 24/7 domestic phone support, and personal service. We’re redefining Internet and Mobile banking and taking it to the next level with our upcoming services.

GBE has also integrated to the following e-payment systems:

  • Derash System: Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority Tax Remittance System through an added module called FinPay.
  • Ethiopian Automated Transfer System (EATS): to handle electronic cheque clearance activities and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) by using ChequePoint Clearing & Truncation Ready System (CTS). The bank is handling the clearing and settlement of cheques, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs), Direct debits and RTGS.
  • Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) system: an organized market place, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, quantity, payment, and delivery. The Bank is using ECX provided system to facilitate its customers to trade through Ethiopian Commodity Exchange market place. GBE has interface its FLEXCUBE core banking system and ECX system.
  • SWIFT System: GBE uses SWIFT cloud service to send and receive financial messages such as letters of credit, payments, and securities, between its correspondent banks worldwide.
  • Different Money Transfer systems: GBE uses the following partner supplied Web based international money transfer systems to provide instant international money transfer services to its customers:
    • Western Union,
    • MoneyGram,
    • Dahabshiil,
    • Trans-fast Money,
    • Xpress Money,
    • Shift,
    • Ria, and
    • WorldRemit money