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Special Deposit Scheme

With a Saving Account deposits are accepted for an unlimited period on which the Bank is required to pay interest.  The deposits in this account have no defined maturity and remain with the Bank as long as the depositor wishes. The main aim of a savings account is to enhance society’s saving culture.

Save for asset account

Save for asset account is designed to address a population that has a steady income that would deposit a down payment to acquire a fixed asset, and is willing to create a long-term relationship with the bank

  • The initial minimum deposit to open a save-for-asset account is Birr 10,000 and it is set in a blocked account to be eligible for the loan facility;
  • Customers of this account shall save at list for a minimum of 6 months to get access to the loan facility.
  • For housing loan, any customer who is the holder of a save-for-asset account and saves at least 30% of the cost of the house to be purchased or constructed within 6 months
  • For vehicle loan, any customer who is the holder of a save for asset account and saves at least 40% to 50% of the cost of the vehicle within 6 months for a new or used vehicle respectively
  • The customer shall deposit at least 15%- 20% of the value of the property to be purchased for housing loan and 25%-30% for vehicle loan within three months.
  • Shall fulfill all KYC requirements
  • Identification card
  • Initial deposit
  • Two passport size photograph

Upfront Interest Deposit

Upfront Interest deposit offers an advance interest payment option in both regular savings and fixed-time deposit accounts.

  • A customer shall be eligible to get an upfront interest when fulfills the following criteria: Customers shall open a Regular Saving Account with a deposit balance exceeding Birr 100,000 and commit to maintaining this balance for a minimum period of six months without any withdrawal;
  • Customers shall open Fixed Time Deposit Accounts with a minimum amount of Birr 2,000,000 at least for six months;
  • Customers who deposit more than the minimum deposit requirement for each account category earn an upfront interest payment corresponding to the amount of their deposit;
  • Once the agreement is signed and the amount is deposited (cash received or cheque cleared), the bank will deposit the upfront interest into the customer's account within two working days;
  • An amount equal to the upfront interest paid to the customer shall be blocked within the customer's account for the agreed duration of the deposit.

Executive Saving Account

  • It is a special saving account that simply targeted high-ranking officials of any organization.
  • The bank will offer an attractive interest rate and incentives.
  • Shall be Chief Executive officer, Chief officer, vice president, Directors, Managing Directors, Senior Executive, and General Manager of Various cooperatives, Associations, shared company Unions, Organizations (Private, Governmental, and non-governmental) and others are eligible to open this particular account.
  • Shall fulfill all KYC requirements.
  • Identification card
  • Initial deposit
  • Two passport size photograph

Driver Saving Account

  • It is a professional based deposit product that design particularly for individuals who drives/owner of a Bajaj or Meter City taxi.
  • The product also offers a credit service facility for the purchase of Bajaj or Meter City taxi.
  • Shall Drivers/owners of Bajaj or City Metric taxis (Ride, Feres, etc....) or other commercial vehicles be eligible to open this account without any restriction in all branches.
  • Shall present a Valid Driving License or valid document that discloses his/her ownership write of a Vehicle.
  • Account can be opened jointly by two or more people. If a joint Account is preferred to be opened, at least one of the account holders shall present a valid driving license for a taxi or Bajaj.
  • Shall fulfill All KYC requirements.
  • Identification card
  • Initial deposit
  • Two passport size photograph

Golden Age Business Saving Account

This product is a saving account that can be operated using cheques and pays privileged interest based on the total amount of deposits held during the month.

  • Shall submit a renewed business license
  • Shall submit valid articles of association & Memorandum of association (for company/partnership).
  • Shall submit valid TIN
  • If the customer is willing to use a cheque to make various payments shall submit a valid business registration certificate
  • Shall fulfil all account opening requirements
  • Eligible to get preferential interest rate
  • Eligible to use 4 check leaves per month.
  • Shall fulfill All KYC
  • Identification card
  • Initial deposit
  • Two passport size photograph