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About Us


At Global Bank Ethiopia, we believe in bringing innovative ways that create accessibility of our service and quality customer service that helps aid our customers towards true success. We stand beside the hardworking members of the community, functioning as trustworthy partners in their journey toward success. Having good customer service means we can find the intended service at the right time. Our services are provided by a knowledgeable and professional workforce with up-to-date strategies that satisfy our customers’ needs. We are the partners of our customers, helping them realize their true potential to achieve their goals. We feel the desire to achieve remarkable heights and stand with them through their journey, providing a trustworthy and reliable service.


Our history reflects the commitment and determination of our valuable customers, employees, shareholders, and other relevant stakeholders in building domestic and international banking services with superior customer service standards. Over the past few years, we have come through different challenges, yet we are proof that if you are committed to your goal, you can achieve anything. Global Bank Ethiopia S.C. is one of the private banks established in August 2012 with a subscribed capital of Birr 266.9 million and a paid-up capital of Birr 138.9 million. Looking at the potential and commitment put to work, we built foundational confidence among our shareholders, which boosted our paid-up capital from Birr 138.9 million to Birr 2.4 billion, and the subscribed capital is Birr 5 billion. With more than one million customers, we were able to enrich our service around the country through 200+ branches located both in the capital and regional cities. The total assets of the company have reached more than 21 billion birr, with a vast ability to grow and expand even more.

Global Bank Ethiopia in Numbers

Subscribed capital 
0 billion
Bank Branch
0 +
Paid-up capital
0 billion
Total Asset
0 billion

Our Vision

“To be the first rated East African Bank through operational excellence by 2035”

Our Mission

Global Bank Ethiopia S.C (GBE) enhances stakeholders’ value by providing excellent banking services to its customers using modern technology, providing competent leadership, and employing capable, disciplined, and satisfied employees through effective recruitment, training, and development.

Our Value