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Online Banking

Customers can manage their accounts using internet web browsers, mobile applications, and mobile lines from anywhere anytime (24/7) once they get registered and have their user names and passwords. GBE provides its online banking services in four options or applications: Internet Banking (IB); Mobile banking (MB-mobile Apps); USSD, and Short Message Service (SMS).

Internet banking

IB is a secured online application that lets customers manage their accounts using an Internet browser from their computer or mobile phone.

Mobile Banking

MB is a secured online application that lets customers manage their accounts using mobile apps that have an internet connection. 

  • Shall be Individual in their names, two or more persons their names, Minors,
  • Interdicted persons, Blind persons, Charities, Associations, Cooperatives, Religious
  • Organizations and others are eligible to open this particular account
  • Shall fulfill all KYC requirements.
  • Identification card
  • Initial deposit
  • Two passport size photograph

Omni-Channel Services

IB and MB provide omni-channel services. GBE’s omni-channel system for IB and MB is designed to provide a seamless and integrated banking experience to its customers across multiple channels. It allows customers to access and manage their accounts, conduct transactions, and access various banking services through both the IB website and the MB app using the same username and password. Here’s a description of the omnichannel system:

Consistent User Experience

The interfaces of both IB and MB channels are designed with a similar look and feel, making it easy for customers to navigate and switch between the two platforms. This consistency allows customers to access their accounts and perform transactions seamlessly, regardless of their chosen channel.

Cross-Channel Accessibility

The omni-channel system enables customers to access their accounts and perform banking activities through the IB website or the MB app. This flexibility allows customers to choose the channel that suits their preferences or circumstances at any given time. They can easily switch between channels without any disruption to their banking activities.

Data Synchronization and Security

The omni-channel system ensures that customer data is securely synchronized between the IB website and the MB app. Any changes or updates made to customer profiles, account information, or preferences are securely propagated across both channels, maintaining data consistency and security.

Synchronized Account Information

The omni-channel system ensures that account information is synchronized in real-time between the IB website and the MB app. Any updates or transactions performed on one channel are immediately reflected on the other. For example, if a customer makes a fund transfer through the mobile banking app, the transaction details will be instantly visible on the Internet banking website as well.

Seamless Transaction Continuity

Customers can initiate a transaction on one channel and complete it on another without any interruption. For example, if a customer starts a bill payment transaction on the IB website but needs to leave their computer, they can continue and complete the transaction later using the MB app. This feature provides convenience and flexibility to customers, allowing them to bank on their own terms.

Device Compatibility

The omni-channel system is designed to be compatible with various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Customers can access their accounts and perform banking activities through the IB website using any web browser, or through the MB app installed on their iOS or Android devices. This wide device compatibility ensures that customers can bank using their preferred device, regardless of its form factor.

USSD Banking: (*9335#)

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) in an online menu-based application allows users to manage their accounts with a GBE SMS code (*9335#) using their mobile phone line without an internet connection.

Some features of internet banking:

Balance Enquiry
customers can check their account balances

Airtime recharge

Customers can recharge his/her own or other’s mobiles

Utility Payments

Manage their debit cards: customers can block or unblock their cards when they need.

Fund Transfer (FT):
GBE internet banking has diversified FT services. Using FT, customers can transfer to:

  • His/her account;
  • Other accounts of GBE;
  • Other bank accounts instantly, and within one day.
  • Own Telebirr accounts, and other Telebirr accounts
  • Wallet accounts
  • To social media accounts; mobile numbers; and email accounts

Person to Person Transfer (P2P)

Using GBE’s Online Banking, customers can make transfer of money to an individual via social media. Our Social Media Transfers feature simplify digital payments by affording customers the convenience of not having to know or remember the recipient’s account information. Using this feature, customers can initiate transfers from their bank account towards E-mail ID or to a Mobile phone from your contact list.

When customer initiates payment towards Email ID/Mobile Phone, the receiver will get an E-mail message or SMS, which will have a link to our Online Banking portal. A generated security code will be sent via Email/Mobile to the initiator of the transfer. The receiver has to click on the sent link and will be redirected to GBE’s portal or mobile app. The next step is to enter the details of their bank account where they want to receive the money. The transfer happens within minutes.

Short Message Services (SMS): (*8027#)

GBE customers receive SMS in two options from Global Bank Ethiopia SMS System. The SMS Banking uses Short Code *8027# with masked “GBE” to alert customers:

  • Short Message Alert: Customers receive alert message when their accounts are debited or credited. So that customers can monitor their accounts.
  • Short Message broadcasting: the bank broadcasts SMS to customers; shareholders and

            public when it is required.