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ATMs and POSs

Global Bank Ethiopia is Hosted Bank Member of EthSwitch (EthioPay) that provides all Financial Service Providers (FSPs) interoperability with their payment systems and help them serve their customers with convenience. So, our ATM and POS devices are already integrated with all other domestic banks through EthSwitch to create seamless collaboration and make payments simple and affordable for our customers and other bank customers.

ATM Services

GBE provides ATM services to its customers, and other banks’ cardholders through the national switch interoperability system.

GBE ATMs renders the following services to its customers:

  • Balance Inquiry: checks your balances in your account using your card and PIN
  • Mini Statement: shows the last transactions done
  • Cash withdrawal: withdraws cash from ATMs using your ATM card and PIN.
  • PIN Change: enables to change the existing PIN when compromised or need arise

GBE ATMs are located at different strategic corners of the country. Please refer the ATMs Locator link

In addition, GBE cardholders can use other banks nearby ATMs available.

POS Services

GBE provides the below services of POS to its card holders. It provides services to other bank cardholders:

  • Purchase/Sale: used to purchase items from merchant site using debt card
  • Refund/Reversal: used when a transaction has been entered and accepted by the POS system and a cancellation of that transaction is desired.
  • Check Balance: enables to view your account balance.
  • Mini Statement: Receive a print out of the last five transaction history.