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Current Account

Your cornerstone to achieve your goal and prepare you for the unexpected future with financial help.

Why Current Account?

  • To authorize payment through cheques.
  • There will not be any demand for interest payment, for the funds in the accounts are always available for withdrawal.

Premium Current Account

A premium current account, in general, is a current account that pays interest along with other benefits for those who have a notable amount of deposit in the bank.

  • It is a current account that bears interest payment;
  • Customers are not required to open new premium savings accounts if they already have a current account;
  • The existing current account could be changed to a premium savings account as soon as the deposit amount exceeds the minimum requirement of birr 50 million and the customer chooses to do so;
  • The bank will provide ATM cards for all employees of the company who have a payroll account; and
  • Interest rate will be calculated on a monthly base with the minimum standing balance during the month.